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Music 205 Video Playlist

The videos are Beta versions.

Week 1 · Ch 1 · 9/2/15

Intro to 4 part Chords

Answers to Board Assignment

Maj. Scale Important

Must Play Maj Scales D#F7

sus4 Examples

4 part chord Inversions

Proper Chord Symbols

Write Music Fast and Accurate

QR code demo

Week 2 · Ch 2 · 9/9/15

min Scales

More 4 Part Chords

C6 or Ami7

min 6 Discussion

Double Flat Discussion

It's Modes

Write with your Ear and Explain it.

Week 3 · Ch 3 · 9/16/15

Ch 3 New Scales Info

Diatonic 4 Prt Chords II V I

Quiz 1 Review

DomSus4 Demo Michele Lagrand

So You want to Write

Jack Sheldon the arranger story

Week 4 · Ch 4 · 9/23/15

There are no videos scheduled for this week

Week 5 · 9/30/15

Ch 4 Altered Fifths

Just Memorize This

The Boxes

Looking Ahead

Poly Chords

Handle the Workload

Must Know What your Doing

Harmonic Sound Destroys bridge

Week 6 · Ch 5 · 10/7/15

Ch 5 Lesson

A-B Block Voicing

The Value of the dim7

A Basic Perspective

Cmaj13#11 Substitutes

Guitar Hand Positions

LA music read 1x and tossed

Billy Byres Charts Played Themselves

Week 7 · Ch 6 · 10/14/15

Altered 9th Chords

b9 interval C11 spelling

Identify inversions method

How to Write a Double Alteration Chord

Quiz 2 Review

Cmaj13#11 majScale or C Lydian

Combine Triads make big chords

Passing Chords I

Week 8 · QUIZ · 10/21/15

Jeff Paris

On the paper & they will read it

Tri-Tone Substitution

Hollywood 12 Tone

Love Boat Sketch Julie Fart

Glass Booth Sequence

Why does the V chord go to the I chord?

Week 9 · Ch 7 & 8 · 10/28/15

Melodic min Discussion

Ch 8 Key Centers

Notes in Paranthesis

Ch 7 p149 4-Prt Chords Maj keys

p155 the Answer Key Explanation

p161 Minor Tonalities Explanation

p188 Explanation

Week 10 · Ch 9 · 11/4/15

Ch 9 Plural Interior Chords

Ch 9 Plurality in Major Tonalities Explanation

Ch 9 Plural Interior Chords in maj & min

II V I Really only 3 Chords

You can always put a II before a V

Add II to Any V

Any II V I will do

II V Imi pivot II V Imaj Example

Week 11 · 11/11/15

Chords Support the Lyric

John Mitchell Story

Too Much Information

Careful when you sit in

Writing is different than Playing

Sammy Nestico Story Never Compare Yourself

Week 12 · Ch 10 · 11/18/15

Ch 10 Explanation

p215 218 Explanation

Plural Substitute Chords

p217 Pivot Chords


Week 13 · Ch 11 · 11/25/15

Ch 11 Explanation

Key Centers Discussion

Puzzle Explanation-Ending