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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I bought the book, but I can't get to the download page.

If you get stuck on a page that wants to validate your purchase, do not despair. Go to your email and check for a note from me,, with the subject "Purchase Confirmation." It might be in your Spam folder. That email contains a direct link to your download page. If you used someone else's PayPal account or credit card to make the purchase, chances are THEY will receive the email, so contact them and have them forward it to you. If you still have problems, send me an email with the name and email given to PayPal to make the purchase and I'll see to it that you get your download.

Q. Which book should I buy?

Check your syllabus for the correct book title, then go to the Bookstore and scroll down until you find the appropriate text. You can confirm that you have found the right one by looking underneath the title of the book to see which class it is for.

Q. I bought the wrong book. Now what?

Instant Download refunds:

Book By Mail refunds:

Eligible Refunds:

If you are eligible for a refund based upon the above criteria, please send your refund request to

Q. I paid with eCheck. Where's my stuff?


eCheck payments require you to wait 3-5 business days until the funds are transferred before 1) you can download the PDF, and/or 2) the print order is placed. Notices of completed purchases are sent from, so check your spam folder for emails with the subject line of "Purchase Confirmation".

Q. When will my package arrive?

Allow two weeks for delivery of Books By Mail. If you are a student in one of Mike Julian's classes, he will probably hand deliver it to you at his first opportunity. Instant Download products are sold in electronic format to be downloaded by you. An email confirmation was sent to the email address provided at the time of purchase. Please check your SPAM folder if you do not find it in your Inbox.

Q. What are the download limits?

Once you have access to the download page, you will have 1 week to complete the download of your product(s), and are limited to a total number of 10 download attempts for each item.

Q. How do I get my download?

Access to the download page is provided upon receipt of payment via PayPal:

Emails are sent to the address provided at the time of purchase, or to the address of the PayPal account used. If you paid using someone else's Paypal account or email address, THEY will get your download notification. Contact them and ask them to forward it to you. They may have to check their SPAM folder.

Q. How big are the Instant Download files & how long will it take to download them?

The file size for each item is listed in the product description in the Bookstore. Download time depends upon file size and your connection speed. You can use this page to calculate a reasonable number.

Q. Can I download to my mobile device?

Yes, provided your device has the available storage space and is capable of displaying a PDF document. The size of each file is listed in the product descriptions in the Bookstore.

Q. How do I view the content?

PDF documents require reader software, such as Adobe Acrobat [free] or Apple Preview [pre-installed with OSX]. You will probably already have what you need installed, so try double-clicking the file to open it before you resort to downloading one of the apps mentioned here.

Q. Where are the videos?

The videos are now online at our YouTube channel, The Musician Resource Library. Use the QR codes in the book to view them on your smartphone, or click the links in your PDF to view them on your computer or device. You can also go to your class section in the Library to find the Lecture Videos Playlist which contains links to the videos.

Q. How do I use QR codes?

QR codes are read with an app on your smartphone or tablet. You can find free versions in the app store for your device. Simply search for QR reader.

Q. Who did the music for your videos, and did you actually record a different band for each one?

Actually, Marco did everything in Band In A Box, so there was no actual recording session. He thought that you'd get bored with the same theme for every video (200 and counting!), so he made it slightly different for each one. No two are exactly the same, but it's the same chord progressions for all of them! I-V-vi-IV-vi for the Intros, and I-V-vi-IV-vi-IV-I-V-I for the Outros.

Other questions or problems?

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