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students in recording boothMy name is Mike Julian, and I know firsthand just how hard the life of a musician can be because I am an educated professional musician who has worked in every facet of the music industry. But I also know the joys that come with skill and knowledge, and I believe that everyone deserves a chance to explore the possibilities music provides, so now I’m giving back to the community, sharing the benefits of my study and experience with young and old alike, enabling all levels of interest to move forward towards their goals.

On this site you will find the materials that I have gathered for the benefit of my students. The main resource is the Library, where students can find class information such as textbooks, syllabus and assignment sheets. There are also manuals and reference guides for software and equipment, useful graphs and charts, links to Facebook communities and even to free software. Everything in the Library is free.

students in recording boothThe other main resource is the Bookstore. When I began teaching, I discovered the textbooks were bloated and overpriced, so a former pupil and I created The Quimby House so that we could make our own, allowing me to give the student exactly what they need to move to the next level at an affordable price.

We have four textbooks available, two covering music theory, and two addressing recording arts and sciences, but I’m constantly writing and creating new material. Currently, I’m developing a third theory text as well as a third recording techniques book, and I have plans for a series of business texts covering things like how to have a working band, and how to negotiate a contract.

The texts are written at the community college level, making them widely accessible, so whether you are a young student looking to get a leg up on college, a proactive college student wanting to accelerate their education, or an enthusiast interested in personal or career development, The Quimby House can help.

Mike's Alumni

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Mike invites all of his students, from all schools, past and present, to join "Mike's Alumni Group" on Facebook so that they can connect with each other for support, feedback, and networking.