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Music 165

• Syllabus
• 24 Hour Story
• Being a Team Member
• Contact Info
• How to buy speakers
• It's a Business
• It's all in the details
• Listen to everything
• Mixing vs Mastering
• See the Picture
• SFX story
• What does it sound like
• What is a Producer?
• What It Takes
• When to pay to play
• Why they need you

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Music 101

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Music 165

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Music 205

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Music 265

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Commercial Harmony

Commercial Harmony book cover
Course: Music 205 - Commercial Harmony I
College: LAVC
Instructor: Julian, M J

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Digital Audio Recording - Basic Pro Tools

GDigital Audio Recording - Basic Pro Tools book cover
Course: Music 265 - Recording Arts Workshop
College: LAVC
Instructor: Julian, M J

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Format: PDF file
Delivery: Download · 1 ZIP file totaling 8.6 MB
Price: $20 ·


Modern Fundamentals of Music

Modern Fundamentals of Music book cover
Course: Music 101 - Fundamentals of Music
College: LAVC
Instructor: Julian, M J

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eBook & MP4 Videos · BUNDLE

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